Monday, September 23, 2019

Close Protection Services - Europe and Africa

We are available to sub-contract with other Contractors in Europe and Africa.


Call us today: Europe -  +33(0) 7 82 87 05 42        US - 401-266-1402


Friday, September 20, 2019

Case Study - ProtectiveSurveillance in Paris

Our team has been tasked by a US company to ensure a protective surveillance on the wife of the owner of a US Fortune 500 company. The team had to ensure the security of the woman without her knowledge. A 24hr team has been deployed and in order to give total protection, a car with 2 operatives and a motorbike have been deployed for this task. After 8 days of work, the woman we protected returned to the USA and was never aware of our presence.
A Daily report with pictures was made for the client.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Operations in Nigeria

We have been hired by a consultant company to escort and protect 2 of their executives in Nigeria. Our risk assessment done, we contacted our staff based in Nigeria to prepare for our arrival with the 2 consultants in Lagos.

 Two (2) teams have been set up:

  •  One for the north of the Nigeria composed of 2 cars type SUV (1 was armored due to the terrorist risk by the Boko Haram) driven by our local trained staff, 2 armed local police officers, 1 local bodyguard and 1 team leader from our French office. 
  •  One For the South of Nigeria including the Delta area composed of two cars Type SUV, one local driver, one local police officer, one local bodyguard and one team leader from our French office 
We have also set up a control room in Lagos with one of our senior consultants operating as operation manager for this task Both teams will liaise with the control room at all times to report any incident and asking for back up if needed.